Learn about salinity and related concepts

Learn about salt in the root zone

Where to go for more information

Much of the material in this module is based on information in Chapters IV and IX of a literature-review document prepared earlier as a companion to the present document. You can find a copy of the literature review on the same CD-ROM disk that houses this document.

The following reference books also provide valuable information about salinity in the root zone:

  • Ayers, R.S., and D.W. Westcot. 1985. Water Quality for Agriculture. FAO Irrigation and Drainage Paper 29, Rev. 1. Food and Agriculture Organization.
  • Hanson, B., S.R. Grattan and A. Fulton. 1993. Agricultural Salinity and Drainage: A Handbook for Water Managers. Water Management Series publication number 93-01, University of California, Davis.
  • Tanji, K.K., editor. 1990. Agricultural Salinity Assessment and Management. ASCE Manual No 71, American Society of Civil Engineers.

Picture credits

  • Figure 4 is from the book Abiotic Disorders of Landscape Plants: A Diagnostic Guide, by Costello, L.R., E.J. Perry, N.P. Matheny, J.M. Henry, and P.M. Geisel (2003), published by the University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (Publication 3420). Photo used here courtesy of Laurence Costello.
  • Figure 8 is from a booklet titled "Small-scale irrigation for arid zones: Principles and options," published in 1997 by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. Available on the Web at
  • Figure 9 comes from an article in California Agriculture magazine titled "Drip irrigation evaluated in Santa Maria Valley strawberries" (vol. 58, no. 1, p. 48). Used courtesy of the article's authors, Blaine Hanson and Warren Bendixen.
  • Figure 14, a photo of San Joaquin soil, comes from the website of the Professional Soil Scientists Association of California (PSSAC). As of July, 2006, available on the Web at
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